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An EgyptAir flight from cheap jerseys
Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar Cheap Jerseys
screens and crashed into the med Sea early
Thursday. Read being full story here.

Key points out: The plane faded away from radar screens almost four hours into the flight. It was 10 miles inside Egyptian airspace over the mediterranean Sea at the time of disappearance, About 175 miles inside the Egyptian coast. Debris is discovered near the Greek island of Karpathos, But airline officials later said it didn’t belong to the missing jet. 66 everyone was on board the plane: 56 many people and 10 crew members. Among the 56 voyagers, 30 were egypt, 15 were from spain, Two from irak, And one each from the uk, Belgium, Saudi arabia, Sudan, Chad, italy, Algeria, Kuwait and the us. had been two babies and one child on board. representatives said.

But they said the initial study of imagery and other evidencegleaned from satellites doesn’t point to a large scale blast aboard the plane.

Signs of wreckage from the flight still had not been found as ofnightfall Thursday in the mediterranean Sea, And the White House out there its „deepest condolences”
Over the jet’s tasteful disappearance.

„right away we do not yet know definitively what caused the disappearance of Flight 804, White HousePress Secretary Josh Earnest said in an announcement,the us,our great country stands ready to provide our full support and resources to the Governments of Egypt and France as they investigate this incident,

More specifics about people on board Among passengers on missing EgyptAir Flight 804 was a student training at a French military school who was heading to his family home in Chad to mourn his mother.

The standard protocol officer for Chad’s embassy in Paris, Muhammed Allamine, Said the man „was going to give condolences to his family, Allamine said the man, Who wasn’t clinically determined, Was a student at France’s important Saint Cyr militaryacademy.

Another passenger was an Egyptian man returning home after therapy in France, to be able to two shocked friends who turned up at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport.

„It breaks or cracks my heart, Said one beneficial friend, Madji Samaan. reporting from cairo Amro Hassan

At Cairo air port, The families’ agonizing wait for news A relative of a passenger aboard EgyptAir flight 804 shown her hand on the inside of a bus window at Cairo international airport in Egypt on Thursday, perhaps 19, 2016. surrounding time. Some were still at home, asleep, Expecting their loved ones to be there when they woke up.

over the morning, They got the news one by one plane had vanished. certainly they waited, In painful bias, For something way more, Without obtaining any clear answers.

„We are clueless anything. We hardly understand. We don’t know so what happened to the plane, Said the mother in law ofone of the safety personnel on board the plane. brains officials are combing through satellite imagery, Communications interceptsand passenger records for clues that might explain the downing of an EgyptAir jetliner in the eastern mediterranean and beyond.

rap. Adam Schiff (g Burbank), The top Democrat on the House intelligence Committee, Said analysts are checking many classified databases.

happen to be dealing our intelligence holdings to determine, Do we have any images of what went down to the plane, Do we have any signals brains; We are looking for terrorism lists, He said in a call interview.

Does represent the aircraft broke apart in midair, Schiff told me. This point we don have evidence to confirm this was terrorism or a structural problem with the aircraft,

If terrorists are accountable, Islamic express „Is a leading applicant, Schiff assumed.

But brains officials can rule out Al Qaeda, He supplementary. The enemy network that launched the Sept. 11, 2001, Attacks has repeatedly tried to tear down other passenger aircraft.

Victim outlined: British geologist richard Osman richard Osman, A geologist who was traveling to Cairo on business, Was one of those on the EgyptAir flight, according to British media.